My Rins

I have a little brother. He is 5ft, nine years old and his name is Rinnie or Rins, to those who know him well. Most of the time I enjoy his existence; he’s pretty decent. In this post I will delve into the issues with having a Rins. He wants to know everything, and by wants to know i mean he already knows, he just … Continue reading My Rins

The Treatcherous Trials Of Juvenile Train Travel

16, a number truly perplexing and mysterious at its very core. This number is sixteen separate ones, this number is the legal age in which you can consent to sex, this number is the number eight times two, this number may be the number of times your Mum told you to take the chicken out the freezer before she came back. This most profound and elusive … Continue reading The Treatcherous Trials Of Juvenile Train Travel