Diablo #1

Page #1

“Get up”

How did I get here, In this situation, at this place in time? Why am I here? Where is here?

“Get up!”

Why is he yelling at me? Who is he? Where am I?

“Hey. I said get the hell up!”

He grabbed the collars of my shirt and pulled me to my feet. His face was rough and cut, and his pale grey eye’s were beginning to well up, I could tell he had just witnessed something, had someone died? Was I involved? Why am I here? He let go of my collars and my body swiftly plummeted back to earth again, I spent another few moments staring up at nothing, dazed and confused simply existing in my surroundings. I tilted my head down slowly and stared at him for a second, He was frustrated, he stood completely still with both his hands rested on his head, looking upwards into the sky. I followed by example and tilted my head back up, I was now staring directly at the sun, oh the hot blistering sun, a vast orange inconsistency in a sea of blue. I thought about how far away it was, and the possible trouble I could’ve gotten myself into. My mother always warned me that one day my crime, however, low level, would catch up with me. Was she right? Did I finally get what I deserved? Did I meet my match? Did I rob the wrong guy? Did I fly too close to the sun?

My eyes drifted away from the sun and soon my mind had cleared. I slowly struggled to my feet and dusted myself off, pondering who’s clothes I was wearing and how I came to procure them. He was still staring at the sky, and I was still wondering who he was. He took a long deep breath, dropped his hands, and slowly turned towards me.

“I’m Gus.”

Page #2


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